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Brows Micropigmentation (Wapping)

Hairstroke Brows (with microblade or nano needle)

  • 2 hr
  • From £395 - £795
  • Please specify which location you prefer during booking.

Service Description

This is one our most sought after treatments! I use the latest nano needle technology and microblading techniques, to create ultra-fine hair strokes that beautifully enhance the natural brows. It is a game-changing treatment that is perfect for those with little or no hairs, but still want a natural-looking brow.  ​ 'Microblading' is used to create 3D hair strokes with a tiny handheld tool. 'Nano-needling' is a new technique that uses ultra fine nano needles to create hair-strokes that mimic the diameter and dimension of real hair in the skin. To book this treatment please use the Contact Us Form, or call us on +44 (0)203 005 5247.

Contact Details


6 Ellis Street, London, UK Located in the Micheal John Medical Spa

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